Fashion Week Hyderabad

Hitex Exhibitions, Hyderabad , India

About The Event

About The Event

For the 1st time in India, FWH offer International Designers from Central Asia & Russia to participate in FWH by providing them an International platform for Fashion Integration. The program aims to bring closure the tourism, culture, art, fashion & food . Fashion industry which includes Clothing & Textile, footwear & other Accessories and Imitation Jewelry between the said countries. .


Hyderabad, India


Hitex Exhibitions

Fashion Show Models

Here are some of our models

Speaker 1

Brenden Legros

Quas alias incidunt

Speaker 2

Hubert Hirthe

Consequuntur odio aut

Speaker 3

Cole Emmerich

Fugiat laborum et

Speaker 4

Jack Christiansen

Debitis iure vero

Speaker 5

Alejandrin Littel

Qui molestiae natus

Speaker 6

Willow Trantow

Non autem dicta